Buildings began, of course, as a way to protect livestock, crops, and tools from would-be thieves and potential weather. Today, that’s still their main function.
When the sun is shining down, there’s nothing better than hanging out in your vacation home on the water. Take in the lake, river, or ocean and let yourself escape the real world for a little while.
A garage change-up lets you imagine just how great your space can be. What can you do with your garage? Faced with a garage project, you might feel overwhelmed with all the choices.
Even in the best locations, the power can sometimes go out. Most of us have gone through that ordeal at least once or twice. Maybe it wasn't a big deal because you were just leaving to take the kids to school and the power was back on when you came home. On the other hand, it could have been more stressful with a full family home that needed to be entertained. No matter how you slice it, it's something you will notice. It can be a stressful situation in some cases.
Of course, your dream garage isn’t just going to magically appear. You’ve got to start with a plan and that plan includes many crucial decisions that will impact your finished design. Not only will you feel like you’re a part of the process, but you’ll learn a lot more about garage doors and garage door openers.
When the pandemic sent everyone home, people started to notice their homes with a different perspective. They started to re-envision the “home sweet home” they thought they had and rethink their design to fit new needs and interests. If we’re stuck at home, we might as well enjoy our space to the fullest, right?

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