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Dock Equipment

Pit Style Dock Levelers

Blue Giant - Hydraulic dock leveler

The most versatile solution if you need to adapt to a wide variety of trailers. At The Garage Door Store, we sell the best and fix the rest. We carry the brand BLUE GIANT with pride. Made in Canada and recognized as a leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of loading dock safety systems, the quality of their equipment combines with the expertise of our trained technicians makes it a winning team at your service.

Edge of Dock


If your operation doesn’t require a pit style dock leveler but you want to provide a safe working environment, you have the alternative to use an Edge-of-dock. This is a low-cost but very safe and strong alternative to cumbersome dock plates.

Vehicle Restraints


When the safety of your warehouse crew is concerned, you don’t want to leave this responsibility to others. You need to be equipped with devices that will insure that all trailers will be immobilized until you decide it’s time for them to go. We carry a vast range of equipment, from the affordable wheel Chocks to the top-of-the-line remotely operated StrongArm devices.

Dock Seals

Loading Dock Company - Fixed - D-100

With the proper docks seals you can save energy and improve safety. We can be your partner to insure that you keep you door seal in good working condition by identifying small deficiencies before they become a problem.

Dock Bumpers

Loading Dock Company - Laminated Dock Bumper

This is not the type of equipment that requires a lot of service. The challenge is to secure them strongly to your building. We can be of assistance when your looking for the right bumper to use and wish to get them ASAP.

Strip Curtains


PVC Strip Curtains serve many purposes. They are needed for meeting many of your facility’s requirements. They provide full visibility for your team and reduce energy cost. They come in different grade based on the traffic they will handle, how tight they need to be and in which environment they’ll be. That is why, went it comes to find the best equipment for your plant, we can bring added value to the equation with our experience and expertise.

Dock Lights


This might be your best investment. Weither loading or unloading, productivity and safety will go hand-in-hand if they walk on well lighted path. We can help you chose the right equipment and deliver it to your door fast.

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