Garage Pro 8,000 EXT

Many of our customers drive an SUV or pick up truck and wanted a storage lift that would "go higher" to allow them to park their taller vehicles under the elevated ramps.

Many of our competitors sell "taller" lifts. However, their "taller" lifts also have longer runways. Our customers requested that we make a lift which lifts higher, but does not need to have longer ramps. (Longer ramps take up needed garage space). Most customers want to store a car on top and park a SUV or pick up truck below. There is no need for longer ramps. Our Garage Pro 8000 EXT ramps will accommodate a vehicle with a 156 inch wheel base. The Garage Pro 8000 EXT has been engineered to provide 79" of clearance UNDER the bottom of the raised runway, but keep the runway length to just less than 14 feet long.

If you need the extra lifting height of the Garage Pro 9000, but do not need the extra width and runway length provided by that lift, then the NEW Garage Pro 8000 EXT is the perfect choice.

The Garage Pro 8000 EXT is capable of lifting your pick up truck or car 84 1/4 inches. This above ground lift is the perfect choice for storing your vehicle. The extended height feature of the Garage Pro 8000 EXT Plus makes this lift the perfect choice for parking taller vehicles under stored vehicles.

The Garage Pro 8000 EXT comes standard with a powerful 110 volt power unit.

The portable Garage Pro 8000 EXT includes a caster kit with polyurethane wheels. The caster kit can be installed or removed in just a matter of minutes and requires no tools.

All portable four post lifts (8,000 lb. capacity) are designed and built for use by Mr. Homeowner or restoration shop. These lifts are not designed to work in commercial repair shops that raise and lower a lift several times per day. If you have questions about which lift will best suit your application, please ask your salesperson.

RJ-35 Sliding Jack

The RJ-35 (3500 LB. capacity) sliding hydraulic vehicle jack is the perfect choice for the owner of the Garage Pro 8000. The RJ-35 Sliding Jack will also fit the Garage Pro 9000. The RJ-35 Sliding Jack is for those who want to perform wheel service on a vehicle that is positioned on top of their four post lift.

The complete Garage Pro 8000 four post lift comes with a jack tray.The jack tray has certain limitations that are eliminated by using the RJ-35 Sliding Jack. The jack tray (with a small floor jack or jack stands) will support ONLY THOSE LIFTING POINTS of the raised vehicle that are between the runways of the Garage Pro 8000 four post lift. The RJ-35 Sliding Jack has telescoping arms that can be extended over the runways of the four post lift. The lift pads at the end of these arms can be positioned under the LIFTING POINTS (that are located over the runways of the four post lift) of the vehicle allowing the operator to access many more LIFTING POINTS than just using the jack tray.

The RJ-35 Sliding Jack comes standard with a set of peg style truck adapters which increase the lifting height of the lift pads. These truck adapters will allow the RJ-35 Sliding Jack sliding hydraulic jack to raise pick up trucks that will sit higher on the runways than the average passenger car. The RJ-35 Sliding Jack is operated by a manual hydraulic pump (porta-power pump) and does not require an air compressor for power. The RJ-35 Sliding Jack sliding hydraulic jack also features two solid locking positions that are used when the vehicle is to be suspended above the runways. When the locking positions of the RJ-35 Sliding Jack are engaged, the hydraulic pressure from the lifting cylinder of the RJ-35 Sliding Jack is eliminated. (These locks act much like a pair of jack stands after you lift a vehicle off the ground with a service jack).

Finally, the versatile RJ-35 Sliding Jack is adjustable to fit between the runways of many of the other four post lifts that have been sold in the last several years.

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