HT-ACL Cycle Lift 1,000 Capacity

Type a de The HT-ACL Cycle Lift features a removable (drop in) roller plate with grooved rollers for better traction. The motorcycle lift has a platform length of over 85 inches. In addition to the heavy gauge diamond plated platform, the HT-ACL Cycle Lift comes with a 20 inch low profile removable approach ramp. Each HT-ACL Cycle lift includes a rear stabilizer bar that increases the platform stability. Many lift distributors charge extra for this very important stabilizer bar.

The HT-ACL Cycle Lift is air operated and requires between 90-100 PSI to raise the full capacity (1000 lbs.) to maximum height. The HT-ACL Cycle Lift is the perfect addition to a service department of any professional motorcycle dealer or can be a great motorcycle lift for the rider who wants to work on his personal bike in his own garage.

This is a complete motorcycle lift that includes an adjustable position padded front wheel vise and a heavy duty air operated foot valve for easy up and down operation. The HT-ACL Cycle Lift motorcycle lift has a 20 x 11 removable roller plate.

The HT-ACL Cycle Lift can be equipped with the Chopper Extension which adds 13" to your lift table platform, making the total length 98.

The HT-ACL Cycle Lift can also be equipped with the XLT Kit which increases the platform work area to accommodate ATVs and larger vehicles. scription for this product here...


Weight capacity1,000 LBS.
Total length with ramp107 1/2" (8' 11 1/2")
Center table length85 1/2" (7' 1 1/2")
Center table width24" (2')
Removable approach ramp24" wide x 22 1/2" long
Height fully raised31 1/4" (2' 7 1/4")
Height lowered7"
Removable roller plate11 1/4" wide x 20" long
Cylinder7" (internal size = 6")
5 Locking Positions(21 , 25", 27 , 29 , and 31 )
Air requirements90 - 100 PSI / 5 CFM Delivery
Gauge of steel10 Gauge (.1345" / 3.42mm)
Shipping weight500 LB.
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